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Bentley takes the win at Dover

This past Sunday Oct 4, 2015 the PRN drivers took to the track. 32 league members lined up double file for the start with Bentley Glaser on pole and Chuck Sweeting to his outside.

One heck of a tough race! The racing was intense throughout the field. Strategies were all out the window, the track took a very slick turn. In the end it would be Bentley dominating the 3rd chase race leading 218 laps of the 250.

Bentley would pick up win number 2 of 2015. Jake Champion grabbed 2nd place, Ned Adams 3rd, Mark Robertson2 4th, Jason Moon 5th, Pat McWhorter 6th, Tim Phillips 7th, Wayne Grasse 8th, Craig White 9th, and Mark Montenieri rounding out the top 10.

250 miles race had 8 leaders exchanging the lead some 25 times and 11 cautions.

Congratulations to Bentley on the win!

Moving on to the Contender Round - Ned Adams, Jeff Bratten, Jake Champion, Wayne Grasse, Sam Karpouzos, Pat McWhorter, Jason Moon, Marc Mousseau, Tim Phillips, Fred Scarfi, Chuck Sweeting, and Craig White. Congrats on making the Contender Round - 3 races.

Next week the Cup drivers are off to Charlotte. Many teams will be working on their setups in hopes of pulling off the victory! Can't wait to see how that turns out, but so far this year, the action has been awesome!

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Bentley also picks up the Clean driver award! Don’t forget, almost 300$ in awards up for grabs at year’s end from “Clicking With Canines” Clean Race Award.

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Jesse Kaplan wins his 1st!

Class B at Richmond!

Saturday April 25, 2015 race No. 8 of 33 had 24 drivers / members take the green at Richmond International Raceway. Jesse takes pole and would lead the most laps on way to his first PRN win in a very dominant run. 7 lead changes among 4 leaders and only 9 caution flags for 44 laps, meant a few long runs but with Jesse coming out on top for his first win of 2015. Chuck Sweeting 2nd, Kevin 3rd, Wayne Grasse 4th, and Tommy Harris rounding out the top 5.

Chuck Sweeting still holds a points lead of 11 over Jeff Hollingsworth.

Next up will be Talladega May 2, 2015.

Tom McAlister's 1st win!

Atlanta 175 Trucks!

Jeff Hollingsworth would lead the field to green. He would lead 1 lap of the event. The show would be Craig White's leading for 88 of the 114 laps. Only 1 caution flag for 4 laps, and a long green flag run would make this a fuel stratagy race. Craig would lead the most laps, but had to pit for fuel. Tom McAlister would pull off his first victory in the PRN. Pat McWhorter 2nd, Wes Hurd Jr 3rd, James 4th, and Kevin rounding out the top 5. Incredible race right to the checkers with 12 trucks finishing on the lead lap. Next up Matinsville March 27, 2015.

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Craig White 2015 Champion!

ARCA Super Speedway Series!

Craig White takes pole at Daytona, but would lead only 3 laps. Roderick Norman would lead the most laps of the 8 leaders. Ned would take the lead with 7 laps to go, and hold on for the first win of 2015. Andrew Lutz 2nd, Pat McWhorter 3rd, Jeffrey Bratten 4th, and rounding out the top 5 was Roderick! Nice start to 2015, next up Auto Club Speedway next Thursday March 5, 2015!

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Racing at its best!

2015 PRN All Star Race

PRN All Stars Race at Charlotte

Wow! Over 200$ in cash prizes and awards! 32 drivers would take the green flag for the 2015 PRN All Star race at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Jesse Kaplan with Chuck Sweeting outside row one would lead the field off turn 4 for the start. Jesse would lead 13 laps before having troubles and bowing out. Chuck would pick up the lead and claim the segment 1 win.

Chuck would have a problem in segment 2 and also bow out. Jeff Hollingsworth, Jason, Craig, Brian and Marc would lead laps in the final 2 segments but Jeff would lead the most laps pick up the win in segment 2 and the final segment for the overall win in 2015!

Here is the breakdown of awards for the all star race.

Jeff Hollingsworth winner 50$

George Gaulin 2nd 30$
Jason Moon 3rd 20$
Craig White 4th 15$
Brian Bennett 5th 10$
Wayne Grasse 6th 5$
Marc Mousseau 7th 5$
Jeffery Smith 8th 5$
Sam Karpouzos 9th 5$
Jake Champion 10th 5$

Chuck Sweeting 1st segment winner 10$

Jeff Hollingsworth 2nd segment winner 10$

Special Awards

Wayne Grasse 17 place on lap 17 wins 17$

Marc Mousseau the lowest place finishing car with 0 incidents 13$


TOP HEADLINES ATTENTION! We are starting our Road Course series this June 15, 2015. Every second Monday we will run a 30 minute Riley Daytona Prototype and then 50 minute race in the HPD.

June 15, 2015
Our Tudor HPD series opener had Phillip Breault on pole, Pat to his outside. Phillip would lead all 31 laps on way to the win. Michael Adams 2nd, Tim Phillips 3rd, Ned 4th, and Brad Walsh making his debut rounding out the top 5. Congrats on the win! Next up Sebring International Raceway in 2 weeks.

June 15, 2015
Our Daytona Prototypes race went off without a hitch. Pat would start 1st but defending series champ Ned Adams from 2nd would get a great start and lead all 17 laps on way to the win! Pat would come home 2nd, Michael Blake 3rd, Fred 4th, and Tom rounding out the top 5. Next up Sebring International Raceway.

Jan 10, 2015
In 2015 our Super Late Model series will run fixed setups no cautions for 30 minute open qualify with a 30 minute race. These races will follow the Tour Modified series on the same track. We hope to have a fairly large feild of drivers to compete for the title. These series are open to all who qualify!

Jan 10, 2015
In 2015 our Tour Modified series will run fixed setups no cautions for 30 minute open qualify with a 30 minute race. These races will preceed the Super Late Model series on the same track. We hope to have a fairly large feild of drivers to compete for the title. These series are open to all who qualify!

Class A Cup
Sunday Nights
7:30pm CST, 8:30pm EST
Class B xfinity
Saturday Nights
8pm CST, 9pm EST
Class C Trucks
Friday Nights
8pm CST, 9pm EST
ARCA Super Speedway
2015 ARCA Champion
Craig White #3
Super Late Models
Thursday Nights
8pm CST, 9pm EST
Modifieds Fixed
Thursday Nights
7pm CST, 8pm EST
Tudor HPD RC
Monday Nights
7pm CST, 8pm EST
Daytona Prototype RC
Monday Nights
6pm CST, 7pm EST
Bentley Glaser #07
Race #29 - Class A Cup Series
Dover (250 LAPS)
Randal Ballard #38
Race #28 - Class B xfinity Series
Dover (200 LAPS)
James Wenzel #43
Race #18 - Class C Truck Series
LasVegas (117 LAPS)
Bentley Glaser #07
Race #12 - ARCA Super Speedway
Charlotte (89 LAPS)
Race #1 - Super Late Model
Track (30 minutes)
Race #1 - Modified Tour
Track (30 minutes)
Kerlan Andrew #59
Race #8 - Tudor HPD RC
Indianapolis (50 minutes)
Michael Blake2 #54
Race #8 - Daytona Prototype RC
Indianapolis (30 minutes)

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